Thank You

With the introduction of several legislative proposals mirroring Voters Right to Know language, our campaign announced as of March 14, 2016 that it would halt signature gathering and not pursue placement on the November 2016 ballot. Thank you to all who have supported this effort, and we look forward to continuing the fight for a transparent and accountable democracy in California.

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The Most Sweeping Political Reform Since the Watergate Era

Hundreds of millions are spent annually in California lobbying and elections -- much of it untraceable to the true source. Many millions more are unknown due to uneven reporting and outmoded systems. Additionally, gifts and the promise of post-government employment are distractions and potential corrupting influences from the important work done by the Legislature.

Together, these forces are an assault on democracy.

Solution: The Voters’ Right to Know Act

A Statewide Ballot measure for the November 2016 ballot, the Voters’ Right to Know Act, will give Californians the constitutional right to know the true sources of political spending and establish California as the national model for campaign finance disclosure.

This measure uses a systemic approach that leverages technology and disclosure laws to transform the campaign disclosure system and reveal true donors of contributions, not just shell nonprofits with nondescript names. It also completely bans gifts to legislators from lobbyists and those who employ them, and doubles the ban on legislators coming back to lobby the legislature.